About Us

To Actively Propagate, learn and practice the Buddhadharma.

our vision


To Actively Propagate, learn and practice the Buddhadharma.


To be an international Buddhist hub guided by compassion and wisdom for the enlightenment of all.


Cultivate with diligence

To constantly improve ourselves through spiritual cultivation, so as to internalize exemplary work and social ethics.

Build a progressive culture

To build the best, synergized, creative, dynamic, supportive and appreciative culture for Buddhists across different ages and backgrounds that will enable them to be successful in their spiritual and social aspirations.

Leverage on strategic alliances

To leverage on collective strength achieved through strategic alliances and co-operation that would create value and benefits for KMSPKS and other organizations.

Develop Buddhist role models

To attract and groom talents as Buddhist leaders by giving them the opportunities to contribute. They will be the role models of the Buddhist way to success.

Be an international model for Buddhist Community

To be the international best in the areas that KMSPKS chooses to serve in, so as to help the Buddhist community effectively.