Sangha & Staff

In separateness, lies the world's great suffering. In unity, lies the world's true strength.

Our Abbot

Venerable Sik Kwang ShengVenerable Sik Kwang Sheng, whose late master is Venerable Seck Hong Choon (the late abbot of KMSPKS), is the sixth abbot of the monastery.

Besides tending to the everyday running of the monastery and giving guidance to volunteers, he founded the monastery’s Dharma Propagation Division (DPD) in 1998.

Venerable is an avid Buddhist music lover and has co-produced several albums. He is Advisor or Chairman of several Buddhist organisations (Buddhist College of Singapore, Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Singapore Buddhist Federation, Maha Bodhi School Management Committee, Mee Toh School Management Committee, Manjusri Secondary School Management Committee, Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic). Venerable is also an member of National Steering Committee on Racial and Religious Harmony, MCYS.


Like any other organisation, KMSPKS has the Finance, Admin, HR, Public Affairs Departments and so on.

However, seeing the importance of Dharma education, our Abbot Venerable Sik Kwang Sheng also established the Dharma Propagation Division (DPD) in 1998 to serve the Buddhist community better.

Starting out with just five staff, it has since grown to a strength of over 60. The Division works hard to offer a wide range of Buddhist-related activities, many of which are large-scale events, and services within and beyond the monastery.