2019 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Health Series: Balancing your body meridian through acupressure

Stay healthy with TCM!

Meridians are energy lines running through our body that are connected to our physical organs. Acupressure is not just simply a remedy but a preventive measure to resist stressors and illnesses. Hence, balancing our body meridians with acupressure will have optimum impact on our physical and emotional health!

Trainer’s Details:
Mr Douglas Teo, Registered TCM Practitioner and Acupuncturist



Part I: Lung and large intestine meridians

24 March 2019 (Sun)

Part II: Kidney and bladder meridians

28 April 2019 (Sun)

Part III: Liver and gallbladder meridians

26 May 2019 (Sun)

Part IV: Heart and small intestine meridians

28 July 2019 (Sun)

Part V: Spleen and stomach meridians

25 August 2019 (Sun)

Part VI: Triple warmer and pericardium meridians

22 September 2019 (Sun)

Part VII: Ren and du meridians

20 October 2019 (Sun)


3pm to 5pm


$30 per person per session


Awareness Hub (普觉坊) | Blk 231, Bain Street #03-39, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231


To Register:
Online Registration
• 28 April / Part II Kidney and Bladder Meridians: https://goo.gl/Ac3TNq
• 26 May / Part III Liver and Gallbladder Meridians: https://goo.gl/dnLZby
• 28 Jul / Part IV Heart & Small Intestine Meridians: https://goo.gl/uFd4JJ
• 25 Aug / Part V Spleen & Stomach Meridians: https://goo.gl/NhoMbt
• 22 Sep / Part VI Triple Warmer & Pericardium Meridians: https://goo.gl/X1ByRd
• 20 Oct / Part VII Ren & Du Meridians: https://goo.gl/UJjNuD

Other Methods To Register:
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS (接待处) | 9am – 4pm
• Awareness Hub (普觉坊) | 11.30am – 6pm

Registration Deadline:
• One week before commencement or when fully registered

Tel: 6336 5067 | Email: awarenesshub@kmspks.org

Language conducted in: English