Nutrition for Digestive Health (Intensive Course)

Immerse yourself into academic studies about digestive wellness and have control over your vitality, immunity, and nourishment.

Join Mr Wong as he explains the detailed science behind common ailments of the digestive system, recommendations on how to improve digestive wellness, while clearing common doubts, pitfalls, and myths about the digestive system. Also learn natural remedies for gut health and Vegan Yoghurt, Fermented Drink, and Tofu Misozuke recipes.

Trainer’s details:

Mr Wong Kee Yew, Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)

Mr Wong has a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours). He is an experienced teacher advocating vegetarianism for healthy living. He has worked in the life science research sector for over 10 years and has a keen interest in preventive medicine and health science. Kee Yew is also a volunteer of the Vegetarian Society of Singapore, and also the founder and principal of The Veg School of Singapore.


 27 (Mon) and 29 (Wed) Jul 2020 


 10am to 4pm


 $300 per person for 2 sessions


 Online Class

 (link will be provided to participants before class begins)

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Online Registration

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• Awareness Hub (普觉坊) | 11.30am – 6pm
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS (光明山普觉禅寺接待处) | 9am – 4pm

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