5-day Vipassana Retreat with Sayadaw U Nyanaramsi

With mindfulness as one’s gatekeeper, one abandons the unwholesome and develops the wholesome, abandons what is blameworthy and develops what is blameless, and maintains oneself in purity.

Let us be heedful to the Buddha’s Teachings as the purity of the mind truly brings happiness, benefiting oneself and the world!

*Important note:

  • The practice is in accordance to Master Teacher Chanmyay Sayadawgyi of the Mahasi Tradition
  • Participants are required to abide by the Nine Conditions during the retreat.
  • More details at http://bit.do/9plink
  • Retreat Rules & Regulations at http://tiny.cc/vmr19rr

Instructor: Sayadaw U Nyanaramsi

Venerable Nyanaramsi is born in Kedah, Malaysia, in 1960. He pursued his tertiary education at the National University of Malaysia and graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting in 1985.

He started to learn about Buddhism and the practice of Vipassana meditation since graduation. His keen interest to enhance his practice and understanding led him to travel to Myanmar, where he decided to renounce the worldly life and join the Order of Buddhist monks in July 1995. He then sought to be ordained at Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Center, Yangon by the Abbot, Chanmyay Sayadaw. He was given a monk’s name – Nyanaramsi. Since ordination, he has learned and practised Vipassana meditation intensively under the guidance of his preceptor. In March 1996, he moved to the Hmawbi branch of the same center. He continued his intensive training for several years with his preceptor and Abbot of the branch. Subsequently, he was invited to provide meditation guidance and share the knowledge of practice with many foreign meditators who came from various countries.

Venerable Nyanaramsi spent a total of 9 rain-retreats at the meditation center in Yangon and Hmawbi. In November 2003, he accepted an invitation from Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) to come back to Malaysia to give meditation guidance and share the knowledge of Buddhism to fellow Buddhists.

Since then, he has established a permanent base in Malaysia and was appointed as Abbot of the Buddhist Association. Besides residing at SJBA, he has been invited by meditators from other countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and Myanmar for visits and to share the knowledge of Vipassana meditation and Buddhism. He has been in monkhood for 21 rain-retreats by 2015.

In collaboration with:

Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Center (Singapore)


Date(s): 1 to 5 June 2019 (Sat-Wed) / Stay-out retreat

Time:  8am to 8pm

Fee: $150 per person

Reporting Venue: Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | Level 1 | Ju Yuan Fang | Meeting Point A

To Register:
Online Registration ~
• http://bit.do/5dvmr191

Other Methods To Register:
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9am – 4pm
• (Note: Please bring along your NRIC for registration)

Registration Deadline:  22 May 2019 or when fully registered

Enquiry: 6849 5300 | sed@kmspks.org | Poster