Detoxification Workshop

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Nowadays, detoxification has become a trend. While it is a good sign that people are more conscious about their health and diet, detoxification is a topic that many people have truly little knowledge about. Participate in this comprehensive educative detoxification workshop to understand why true detoxification is more than just taking a few pills and rushing to the toilet a few times a day.

Before going through detox, it’s important to understand

  1. What are toxins?
  2. Where are the toxins?
  3. What are the channels to purge toxins?
  4. What manual Interventions to facilitate in the purging of toxins?
  5. What to prepare prior to Detox?
  6. What augmentations to enhance Detox?
  7. What to follow-up after Detox?
Detoxification Workshop
Date: 21 May 2018 (Mon)
Time: 8.30 am – 5 pm
Course Offering: $180 per person (participants need to inform if they have any prior medical conditions)
To Register:
Online Registration
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9am – 4pm
• Awareness Hub | 11.30am – 6pm
Venue: Awareness Hub, Blk 231 Bain Street #03-15 Bras Basah Complex Singapore 180231
Enquiries: 6336 5067 |
Instructor Profile:
Mr Wong Kee Yew, who has a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours), is the Founder and Principal of The Veg School. He is an experienced teacher and advocator of vegetarian for health and a volunteer for Vegetarian Society of Singapore. Having worked in the life science research sector for 10 years, he has developed a keen interest in preventive medicine and health science.