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English Dharma Talk – A four-part series for Beginners to Buddhism
16 March 2017
What is Karma
Karma is a building block of ethics — the law of cause and effect where intention, attitude, and desires before and during the action lead to happiness and suffering in its various manifestations of effects and consequences, viz., in their determined / undetermined forms, guiding / complete fruition, in the here and now, or future time frames.
15 June 2017
Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems & Five Precepts
What does taking refuge mean and why the Three Jewels or Triple Gem? Not many may know its significance, and those who know may believe in false teachers. Others may not wish to take refuge at all for their own personal reasons. We will discuss about the eight common obstacles and the underlying importance of taking the Triple Gem as our refuge.
21 September 2017
Noble Eightfold Path
The Buddha told his last disciple Subhadra that the Noble Eightfold Path is unique only to Buddhism. It is the path for the noble ones, ie. the enlightened ones (Ariyas) that lead them to liberation. How do we practise them?
21 December 2017
Six Paramitas (Perfections or Completeness)
A Buddha’s virtues are complete and ultimate. To attain buddhahood, s/he must undergo the journey of a bodhisattva’s practice of benefitting others, as well as oneself via the Six Paramitas of Giving, Morality, Patience, Diligence, and Meditation to give rise to Wisdom, i.e. the bodhi mind to sever the attachment to oneself.
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Time: 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm (Thu)
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Speaker Profile:
Brother Yick Keng Hang, BSc, is an Ex-English Editor of FOR YOU, a Buddhist Monthly Magazine.