Loving-Kindness Meditation Retreat

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Through meditation, we can overcome dosa (hatred), one of the three roots of evil, and spread mettā (loving-kindness). The peace of the world begins in one’s mind.

Let’s develop the thought of mettā and translate it into our daily speech and actions.

* This event is a stay-out retreat.

Loving-Kindness Meditation Retreat by Venerable U Nyanaramsi
Compulsory Retreat Preparation Session
• 28 September 2017 | Thursday 7.30pm – 8.15pm
Actual Retreat (no stay-in)
• 29 September 2017 to 1 October 2017 | Friday – Sunday | 8.00am – 8.30pm
Participants will have to undertake the Nine Precepts during the retreat:
• Sixth precept refers to refraining from eating after noontime daily
• Ninth precept refers to the upholding of Mettā
Venue: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas | Level 2 Hall of Medicine Buddha
Language: English
•  $75 per person
To Register:
Online Registration
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9AM – 4PM (NOTE: Please bring along NRIC for registration)
Registration Closing Date: 22 September 2017 or when fully registered
Enquiry: 6849 5300 | sed@kmspks.org | Poster
Venerable Profile :
Venerable Nyanaramsi
, was ordained in 1995 at Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre, Yangon with Chanmyay Sayadaw, Ven. U Jananakabhivamsa, as his preceptor. Ven. Nyanaramsi moved to Hmawbi branch in 1996 and continued his training under Chanmyay Myaing Sayadaw U Indaka (former abbot of Hmawbi Branch) and other resident Sayadaws. He spent 9 vassas in Myanmar. In late 2003, he accepted an invitation from SJBA to return to Malaysia to teach Dhamma and Satipatthana Meditation to Malaysian Buddhists. He is now the Chief Abbot of SJBA. He travels frequently to Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia to conduct meditation retreats.

For deeper understanding of Venerable Nyanaramsi, please visit https://tinyurl.com/vunyan


Participants will have to undertake Nine Precepts during the Retreat:
1. Sixth precept refers to refrain from eating after noon daily. 
2. Ninth precept refers to upholding of Metta.