Practising Chan with Venerable Da Xing

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Practising Chan does not have to be confined to a meditation hall. It can be carried out mindfully anywhere, anytime in our daily lives!

Let Venerable Da Xing show you how it can be practised while eating fruits and drinking tea over a 2-day non-residential introductory Chan workshop. Benefit spiritually by putting these useful techniques into your daily life!

*Note: This is a stay-out retreat. Rules for the retreat are available here

 Practising Chan
Date: 17/3 to 18/3/2018 (Sat – Sun)
• 17/3/2018: 9am to 9pm (includes lunch and dinner)
• 18/3/2018: 9am to 5pm (includes lunch)
Fee: $55 per person (includes fresh fruits, tea cup and saucer which the participant may bring home)
! Venue: Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | Level 4 Hall of No Form
Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas | Level 2 |  Hall of Medicine Buddha
To Register:
Online Registration
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9am – 4pm
Registration Deadline: 12/3/2018 or when fully registered
Other Details: Jointly organised with the Institute of Chinese Buddhism ( )
Enquiry: 6849 5300 | | Poster

Trainer’s Details ~

Venerable Da Xing, Italian Chan Buddhist monk of the Chinese tradition.

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