Compassion Bursary 助学金

The application period for compassion bursary is open for 2019.


1. To help KMS Dharma School students from low income background to have the ability to continue their study.

2. To provide pocket money for successful students who have received our bursary to buy food at school tuckshop during recess time.

3. To sponsor talented students from low income background to attend courses.


1. Applicants must be Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident.

2. Students of kms Dharma School. (Student must be still studying in the Dharma School at the point of applying and while receiving the bursary.)

3. Applicants must be currently studying in a government school or educational institution or independent school, not including private school.

4. Applicants who come from household monthly gross income of less than or equal to S$2,500.

5. Applicants should not be receiving any other bursary schemes.

6. Applicants must be staying in HDB flats of not more than 4 rooms, or other accommodation of same or worse conditions.


Interested applicants may obtain the application form from Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery’s Reception Office. The duly completed application form, together with the required documents must reach the following address on or before the stipulated date. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

KMS Counselling & Social Services
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
88 Bright Hill Road
Singapore 574117

The following documents must be attached together with the application form: –

a) a copy of the student’s latest academic school examination result slip;
b) a certified copy of parents’/guardian’s and students’ Identity card or birth certificate;
c) latest income pay slips of the parents/guardian;
d) copies of all banks’ pass books, and
e) the latest CPF statement.
f) Separation/Divorce letter or Death Certificate of spouse
g) Statements’ of other bursaries that applicant or applicant’s parent/guardian is currently receiving from or in process.


1. Awards are given to: i) Primary school students & ii) Secondary school students.

2. The selection board will decide the award recipients within a month after the closing date.

3. Applicants should possess good conduct and be recommended by their Dharma School teacher.

4. Families suffering from sudden hardship or loss of income from sole breadwinner will get the priority.


Applicants and their parents/guardian who are qualified are required to appear for an interview. The decision shall be final and no correspondence on the matter will be entertained.


宗 旨

1)  帮助来自低收入家庭的光明山少儿佛学班的学童继续他们的学业。                      

2)  为领取本寺助学金的学童提供零用钱,让他们在休息时间在学校食堂购买食物。

3)  资助有才华的贫困学童报读校外课程(如音乐课、绘画课等)。

申 请 资 格

1) 新加坡公民或新加坡永久居民。

2) 在本校就读 (目前及领奖时还是在本校就读的学生)。

3) 目前于一间政府学校或教育学府或自主学校,不包括私人学府。

4) 家庭每月总收入是 S$2,500 或以下。

5) 申请者不应是其他助学金计划的领受者 。

6) 申请者必须居住在四房式或更小型的政府组屋,或条件一样或更差的其他房屋里。

申 请 方 法



a) 学生前年学校年终考试成绩表的确实副本,
b) 家长/护人和学生的身份证 (I/C) 或出生报的影印本,
c) 家长/监护人最新的收入发单,
d) 所有有关的银行存折,
e) 最新的公积金发单,
f) 分居/离婚信件或伴侣的死亡证书,
g) 其他助学金的文件或获取其他善款的文件。

颁 发 考 量 因 素

1) 款项将颁发给:1〕小学生 及 2〕中学生。

2) 遴选委员会将在截止日期后的一个月内决定领取者名单。

3) 申请者应拥有良好品行,并获得光明山少儿佛学班老师的推荐。

4) 突然陷入困境或丧失家中唯一收入来源的家庭将优先获得考虑。



Upcoming Events


Coming Soon – Parent Dharma Class 2021 Registration



Past Events …

Students’ Recruitment of Maha Sangha Offering 2020

  1. Who can participate? P3 and above.
  2. Online registration starts on 15 August 2019 and will end on 31 October 2019.
  3. Rehearsal before the event is compulsory. ( Rehearsal date is to be advised later )
  4. Our recruitment includes reserve base. Assignment and groupings to be determined by KMS Dharma School at a later date, based on the number of Sanghas.

Parents may register through :

2) Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9am to 11.30am and 12.30pm to 4pm