108 Bell Resonance 闻钟声、迎祥年

Usher in 2020 on a virtuous and auspicious note! Join the Sanghas to welcome the New Year with 108 deep resonances of the bell and wholesome aspirations in prayers. With blessings from the Triple Gem, may the hearts and minds of all beings be attuned to the Dharma!

Join us to usher in the new year with 108 chimes of the bell!

Our Abbot will strike the bell 108 times. As you focus on the auspicious and refreshing chimes, you can regain clarity and experience inner peace. Remember to make aspirations for yourself and those around you too.

Seed your aspirations in the auspicious resonance of the bell and let the harmony carries them across the ten directions.





31 Dec

  • Aspiration Lamp Offering (10 pm | Behind Hall of Great Compassion)
  • 108 Bell Resonance (New Year 2020) (12 am | Behind Hall of Great Compassion)


1 Jan

  • Recitation of The 88 Great Buddha Names & The Great Repentance Ceremony (12.30 am | Hall of Great Compassion)
  • Offering to Heavenly Realms (6 am | Hall of Great Compassion)
  • Alms Offering (8 am | Hall of Great Compassion)
  • Sangha’s Offering (11.30 am | Dining Hall)
  • The Grand Diamond Gem Repentance Ceremony (1.30 pm | Hall of Great Compassion)


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  • 燃灯许愿(晚上10时 | 大悲殿后面)
  • 鸣钟响(2020新年)(午夜12时 | 大悲殿后面)



  • 虔诵88佛洪名及大忏悔文(午夜12时30分 | 大悲殿)
  • 供天(早上6时 | 大悲殿)
  • 托钵(早上8时 | 大悲殿)
  • 供僧仪式(早上11时30分 | 斋堂)
  • 虔礼《金刚宝忏》(下午1时30分 | 大悲殿)




  • Kindly note that there are limited parking lots in the Monastery. You are, therefore, urged to use public transport.
  • Word of caution : Kindly note that staff and volunteers are NOT authorised to solicit donations for this event.


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