Qing Ming Notice 清明节公告

Qing Ming Notice

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the health and safety of our visitors and devotees, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery will be putting these measures in place for this Qing Ming period.

• Qing Ming ancestral prayers for public will be from 15 March to 25 April 2021 (Lunar 3 February to 14 March), except 4 April 2021 as the monastery will be closed for The Dedication of Merits to the Departed Puja, a closed-door prayer where the monastery will be praying on behalf of registered families.
For those who wish to participate in the Puja, the monastery will be screening the prayer ‘live’ on our Facebook page and YouTube.
All prayer offerings will be donated to charity homes after the Puja

• All visitors must book a timeslot online via the Visitors’ Booking System (https://bit.ly/39KZTSZ), first come first serve basis.
All entry to the monastery is strictly by appointment and documentation proof is required at point of entry.
Booking for up to 5 pax in a group during Qing Ming
Booking slots for 15 March to 25 April 2021 are from
Mon – Fri: 7am to 4pm
Sat / Sun / PH: 6am to 4pm
* Qing Ming (4 April 2021) : Closed for The Dedication of Merits to the Departed Puja

• No burning of joss paper boxes during the Qing Ming period.
Visitors who wish to burn joss paper bags should proceed to the Eco-burner (located at Level 2 of the multi-storey carpark).

• Registration for The Dedication of Merits to the Departed Puja can be done via
Online Registration: https://bit.ly/3s5XauP
Walk-in counters at BCS Gate (9am – 3pm)
Front Office | 9am – 4pm (Kindly book a timeslot via https://bit.ly/2yIQtZz

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



• 本寺谨定于2021年3月15日至4月25日(农历辛丑年二月初三至三月十四)期间(除了4月4日),让公众以预约的方式前来本寺追思祭祖。4月4日(清明节)当天,本寺将举办清明超度闭门法会,因此不开放公众前来祭祖,由本寺为已登记牌位的信众祭拜祖先。
* 法会结束后,所有的祭品将捐赠给慈善机构

• 所有访客必需至线上访客预约系统 (https://bit.ly/2yIQtZz) 以先到先得的方式预约到访时段。所有访客都必须经过预约,并在进入寺院时提供相关的文件证明。
– 清明期间,每组访客可预约人数不超过5人
– 2021年3月15日至4月25日期间,可预约的时段:
星期六、星期日及公共假期: 早上6时至下午4时
* 清明节正日4月4日(星期日):不开放公众前来祭祖

• 清明期间,本寺禁止焚烧冥纸箱。欲焚烧冥纸袋,请至多层停车场二楼的生态燃烧器。

• 清明超度法会牌位登记:
寺务处 | 早上9时至下午4时(请至 https://bit.ly/2yIQtZz 预约到访时段)


Halls Opening Hours

Hall of Compassion
9.00 am to 3.00 pm daily
Hall of Great Strength
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Hall Of Universal Brightness
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