Crematorium & Prayers

The doer of good rejoices here and hereafter... He rejoices and exults, recollecting his own pure deeds

It was an effort to support the Government’s campaign to promote cremation, so as to fully utilise land, the first Pu An Ta columbarium was built. Both crematorium and columbarium services are offered at the temple.

Front Office
Opening Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm daily
Enquiries: 6849 5333  Fax: 6456 2151

Pu Tong Ta & Pu An Ta
Opening Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm daily
Enquiries: 6849 5343
Pu Tong Ta Notice | Pu An Ta Notice

Crematorium VideoHall of Ancestral Tables
Opening hours: 8.00 am – 4.00pm daily
Enquiries: 6849 5333 Fax: 6456 2151

Hall of Pureland
Opening hours: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm daily
Enquiries: 6849 5333 Fax: 6456 2151

Columbarium Booking  Enquiries:  68495343
Pu An Tat  – prices ranges from $1600  –  $4000
Pu Tong Tat –  prices ranges from $2880 – $9880

Cremation Booking

Cashier Office only accepts booking of cremation services by casket or undertaker companies – so as to avoid double-bookings. All necessary papers will be provided and handled by the companies.
Fee: $300.00 (excl.GST)  Enquiries: 6849 5333

Urn Placement

Urn Storage @Hall Of Gratitude
The Fifth level of our columbarium has been transformed into a serene and elegant area for housing the ashes of your loved ones. Air-conditioning and lift facilities are included.
Family members are to personally select location and make all necessary decisions.
Fees: $12,000, $15,000, $18,000 and $22,000 respectively (incl. GST).

Ancestral Tablets @Hall of Pureland
Maximum of 6 names can be submitted for each tablet. Ancestors’ names can be included. Current fees range from $4,880 to $15,880 (excl GST)
Note: Please allow 4 weeks for preparation of tablets. No further changes is allowed upon confirmation.

Related Services
Ji Ling – Family members can arrange for “custody of services” from the 21th to 49th days after the passing of the deceased (Chanting not included). Rate of Ji Ling services :
** 21 days ($330), 49 days ($550), 100 days ($1100) **

Prayer Services


Family members can arrange and book for chanting at the temple by resident Sangha.

  • 阿弥陀经+心经+大悲咒 Amitabha Sutra+ Heart Sutra+Great Compassionate Sutra ($80)
  • 金刚经 Diamond Sutra ($250),
  • 地藏王菩萨本愿经 Ksitigarbha Sutra ($480)
  • 中峰三时系念法事 Zhong Feng San Shi Xi Nia @Hall of Pureland ($4200)

大功德 For Great Merits Cultivation prayers, please call 6849 5333 for further details.
(All fees above excl. GST)