Group Practice

Group Practice

Group Practice Timetable Download for Apr 2018

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Any enquiries please call 6849 5300.



Sutra Recitation

Recitation Schedule Venue
Medicine Buddha Sutra Group Practice * Every Saturday, 7.30 pm. Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddha | Level 2 | Hall of Medicine Buddha
Pureland Group Practice Every Sunday, 9.30 am. Hall of Great Compassion
Diamond Sutra Prayer The Diamond Sutra Prayer for lunar 1st Sunday will start at 1.30 pm and the rest of Sun will start at 2 pm. Hall of Great Compassion
Great Compassion Prayer * Every 27th of lunar month, 10.00 am.
Short discourse by Venerable at 9.15 am before prayer begins.
Hall of Great Compassion
Guan Yin Dan Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Birth,
Enlightenment and Renunciation Day,
10.00 am.
Hall of Great Compassion
Pls call 6849 5300 for more info. (Note: The group practice dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances)
Monastery provides free shuttle bus to MRT Station

Note: There will be no practice on days when major events are held. Please check dates and times with the group leaders, the News on temple’s Notice Board or on our website. Recitations are conducted in Mandarin.