Family Day Outing 2019

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14th April 2019 School Outing photos

Photos taken for the above event can be viewed at this album here. The link above is a live link which means more photos maybe added as more people contributed to the Album.

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Upcoming Events

Dharma School Spiritual Camp

The purpose of the Spiritual camp is to let young participants experience spiritual practice through specially designed activities which in this case, can be a rare experience and introduction to short-term Novicehood and Upasaka & Upasika of 8 Precepts.

Preparatory Class for Novicehood
9 June 2019, 8am-6pm

To Register:

Preparatory Class for 8 Precepts
16 June 2019, 8am to 6pm

To Register:

• For short-term novicehood, registered participants will be called for an interview.
• For Upasaka & Upasika of 8 Precepts, all participants have to attend a briefing before the spiritual camp.
• Online registration starts now. Limited seats available. Please act fast!


May we learn to love
May we learn to give
May we learn to be understanding
May we practise the Dharma and
bring true happiness to every being