Our Abbot 方丈和尚

Venerable Sik Kwang Sheng is the sixth and current Abbot of KMSPKS. He was ordained under the late Venerable Seck Hong Choon in 1980. Currently, he is also the Advisor or Chairman of several Buddhist organisations.


Venerable Sik Kwang Sheng

Abbot, KMSPKS, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

Abbot’s Message

Our monastery’s vision is to nurture a culture for the active propagation, learning and practice of socially-engaged Dharma, as guided by Compassion and Wisdom for the Enlightenment of all. 25 years of successful Dharma education to the young is a key reflection of this vision. Of course, these efforts are miniscule, compared to the colossal task of nurturing the young to become true children of the Buddha- kings of the Truth.

The Truth that is the Dharma, which spanned over 2,500 years, was compassionately shared by the Buddha with us. The Phor Kark See Saturday Sunday School owes its 25 successful years of Dharma education to this great Truth and its countless pioneering teachers- from the Buddha’s time till today.

It is indeed inspiring to see volunteers coming together united in mind, with gratitude in their hearts to practice and share the Dharma. When we bear gratitude in mind, our mind becomes peaceful. Only when the mind is at peace, can we truly enter the realm of wisdom.

A Buddhist scripture emphasizes, ‘one who acknowledges (others’) kindness even though he is in the cycle of death and rebirth will never lose the root of goodness; however, in one who does not acknowledge the kindness of others, the root of the goodness is destroyed’. Thus, being able to appreciate kindness is a fundamental quality of a good person. When this quality in a Dharma student arises, he or she truly begins to walk the path towards liberation. Thus, teaching the Dharma while nurturing gratitude forms the basis of the school.

I would like to extend immeasurable and heartfelt thanks, with much appreciation and gratitude to all masters, Sangha members, volunteers, teachers, staff, students and kind donors- for supporting this vision and aspiration. With one voice, let us…

Take refuge in the Buddha, wishing that all beings continue the lineage of the Buddhas, conceiving the unexcelled aspiration.

Take refuge in the Teaching, wishing that all beings enter deeply into the scriptures and their wisdom be deep as the sea.

Take refuge in the community, wishing that all beings border the masses, all becoming free from obstruction.

~ The Flower Ornament Scripture