Our Abbot 方丈和尚

Venerable Kwang Sheng 广声大和尚

Abbot, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery 光明山普觉禅寺现任方丈, Founder, Buddhist College of Singapore 新加坡佛学院院长

Our abbot, Venerable Kwang Sheng, holds a deep passion for spreading the teachings of Dharma and advancing education. His efforts encompass Sangha education, adult education, and children’s education, designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals across different ages and levels of spiritual development. Recognising the shortage of Buddhist talent, Venerable Kwang Sheng founded the Singapore Buddhist College in 2005 where he served as dean. He emphasises the importance of making Buddhist teachings accessible to the broader community, offering a diverse range of adult education courses. These courses cover Buddhist studies, meditation classes, sutra transcription, chanting, and Buddhist etiquette, aiming to integrate Buddhism into people’s daily lives and deepen their understanding of the Dharma. Moreover, Venerable Kwang Sheng imparts fundamental Buddhist knowledge to children through the establishment of KMS Dharma School. His goal is to nurture their character and instil moral values. He firmly believes that education extends beyond the mere transmission of knowledge; it should also focus on cultivating students’ inner qualities. Values such a compassion, filial piety and critical thinking are at the forefront of his educational approach, contributing to the development of students’ character and their meaningful contributions to society.