Our School Map 学校位置

Dear Parents and Students,
The Monastery comprises of several buildings. It is important for you to familiarise with the 3 main buildings that serve the purposes of the school.


Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall (VHCMH) 宏船老和尚纪念堂

Level 1, Carkpark:  School bus pick-up point
Level 2 : Dining hall.
Level 3 : All classrooms at the North end ( facing Buddhist College Singapore direction) are used by the Dharma School.

一楼停车场 :校车集合点
二楼 :斋堂
三楼 :北端的所有教室(新加坡佛学院方向)都由光明山少儿佛学班使用。



Hall of Universal Brightness 光明殿

Front Office:  Donation and payment of admin fee & registration fee
Reception Office:  Collection of registration form, school letter box
Awareness Place:  Purchase of school T-shirts

光明坊:购买学校 T-shirt。


Upcoming Events

Dharma School Spiritual Camp

The purpose of the Spiritual camp is to let young participants experience spiritual practice through specially designed activities which in this case, can be a rare experience and introduction to short-term Novicehood and Upasaka & Upasika of 8 Precepts.

Preparatory Class for Novicehood
9 June 2019, 8am-6pm

To Register: https://goo.gl/JQtxUW

Preparatory Class for 8 Precepts
16 June 2019, 8am to 6pm

To Register: https://goo.gl/HhK8ya

• For short-term novicehood, registered participants will be called for an interview.
• For Upasaka & Upasika of 8 Precepts, all participants have to attend a briefing before the spiritual camp.
• Online registration starts now. Limited seats available. Please act fast!