Volunteer & Teachers

Message from School

Dear Parents and Students,

The entire KMS Dharma School family joins me in extending our warmest welcome to you and your family.

We are thrilled that you have entrusted your child’s education to us. We share the same vision as you in giving the best to your child by creating an enriched learning environment that engages each individual for their spiritual development. KMS Dharma School aims to introduce the Buddha Dharma to children during their formative years and nurture them with values such as gratitude, compassion, forbearance, and wisdom.

KMS Dharma School adopts a holistic approach to its education efforts to involve parents with its Dharma classes for parents. While it is not mandatory for parents to attend all the classes, we encourage you to join your child every week to foster a collaborative environment where we can leverage the strengths of all stakeholders to improve student outcomes.

KMS Dharma School’s long history dated back to 1983 when it was first set up by Kong Meng San Phor Kark Monastery with the vision to nurture a culture for the active propagation, learning and practice of socially-engaged Dharma. The 33 years of successful Dharma education to the young, with thousands of students benefitting from the School, is a key reflection of this vision.

KMS Dharma School is strongly supported by a team of spiritual Venerables, dedicated staff, as well as passionate teaching and non-teaching volunteers who are committed and motivated to deliver the best for our students. We hope to grow together as a family of students, families, staff, and extended school community to make the school a happy learning place for everyone.

May the triple gems be with your family always.

KMS Dharma School