1. This offering is the fruit of many’s work and care;
2. Reflecting on my conduct, “Am I worthy of a share?”
3. Be wary of the poisons, the foremost being greed;
4. Seeing food as medicine, I take only what I need,
5. Solely for cultivation, to realize the Buddha Way. With gratitude I accept this offering today.

食  存  五  观

一、计功多少,量彼来处; 思念食物来之不易。
二、忖己德行,全缺应供; 思念自己德行有无亏缺。
三、防心离过,贪等为宗; 防止妄念心生起,对饮食生起分别好恶。
四、正事良药,为疗形枯; 将饭食作为疗饥的药食。
五、为成道业,方受此食。 为滋身修行,成就道业,所以接受此食物。

  1. Observe silence when in the hall.

  1. 在斋堂里,应保持肃静。  


2. Queue for food and take only one’s need. Do not waste food.  

2. 取食应排队礼让. 依各人食量取用 切忌浪费。


3. Sit straight and wait quietly.  If on round table, one shall not start eating till all are seated.  

3. 端身正坐. 若圆桌用餐,  众人未到齐, 应安静等候, 不得先食。


4. If there is Sangha chanting, one shall respectfully put palms together and practice meal  contemplation.

5. Mindful eating. Do not chat unnecessarily.

4. 如有僧众在诵经,可随同念诵合掌,  心怀感恩,食存五观。

5. 正念用餐. 如有需要, 应低声谈话, 勿散心杂话。



6. Return your tableware to the destinated place.

6. 餐后, 需把碗筷放回指定回收处。