Dharma 佛学

The development of three prajnas: Listening, Contemplation and Meditation is very much emphasized on the path of Buddhism.  The primary stage – Listen or Study of dharma, is a profound ways of accumulating merit .

闻、思、修是智慧熏习的方法,而闻法是智慧的入门。 听闻佛法的功德是无量的。欢迎您前来了解佛法,种植慧根。

KMS Dharma School

KMS Dharma School has a well-established year long programme to provide children and teens the opportunity to learn the Dharma.

Group Practice 共修(暂停)

Conducted in Mandarin. Recitation varies from Sutras, Praise to the Triple Gem, Confession of Faults to Mantra. 以念诵,集聚同修之力, 修改个人習染,淨化無明三毒。