Outing with BHEH Residents, Blood Donation Drive, Community Food Ration, Free Tuition for Needy Students, Dementia Prevention Programme, Hair For Hope

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Community Events available as below:



[ Community Food Ration  (社区服务之食物配给)  ]

Join us to collect, pack, and deliver food to 120 needy residents identified by Thomson Sin Ming Ville Resident Committee. Let’s get together once a month for a meaningful cause to provide a helping hand to those in need.


Meeting Point:-

      • Date / 日期*
        • 20th May 2018
        • 2018年5月20日
      • Time / 时间
        • 9am – 11:30am
        • 上午9时至11时30分
      • Venue / 地点
        • Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | Level 1 | Ju Yuan Fang
        • 宏船老和尚纪念堂 | 1楼 | 聚缘坊
      • To Register / 报名
      • Enquiry

        Kindly register using the link as provided before coming on that day.
        Event Date subject to changes.


[ Nursing Home Visitation ]

Play your part for the community…!
Join us for outings with seniors, listen to their words of wisdom and engage them in loving communication.

Meeting Point:-


[ Community Tuition ] 

Community tuition consists of a group of dedicated volunteer tutors providing free academic guidance in the areas of Elementary English, Mathematics, and Science (Physics and Chemistry to Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 students who are taking their GCE ‘N’/ ‘O’ Level examination in 2018.

*Subjects: Elementary English, Mathematics, and Sciences

Commence Period: February to November 2018, every Sunday

Time: 9.00am to 2.00pm

Venue: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall Level 1 Classroom 8

To Register:
• Email to
• Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9am – 4pm

Enquiry: 6849 5359 or | [Poster]
Application: Form 2018

Important Notes

1. Applicants must by studying full-time in a recognised secondary school in Singapore, and will be sitting for GCE ‘N’/ ‘O’ Level examination in Year 2018.

2. Household income per capita needs to be less than S$1,200.

3. Household members who are in employment, please submit the past SIX months pay slips or CPF statement together with the application form.

4. * The mentioned tuition subjects will depend on the availability of volunteer tutors.

5.  Application forms must be submitted by post, email or hand to:

Community Engagement Department
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery 
88 Bright Hill Road
Singapore 574117


[ Dementia Prevention Programme – 失智症预防计划 ] 

Join us every Wednesday morning for holistic wellness and breakfast! There will also be:

﹡ Health Education 健康教育
﹡ Meridian Flapping Exercise 经络拍打运动
﹡ Mindfulness Practice 正念实践练习
﹡ Music Reminiscence 怀旧音乐
﹡ Horticultural Therapy 园艺活动

Meeting Point:-

      • Date / 日期
        • 28/2/18 – 16/5/18 (Every Wednesday, 每逢星期三)
      • Time / 时间
        • 8.30am – 12.30pm
      • Venue / 地点
        • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery | 光明山普觉禅寺
      • To Register / 报名方式
        • 1) Online Registration 上网报名
        • 2) Reception Office @ KMSPKS | 9am – 4pm
          – 亲临接待处@KMSPKS | 上午9时至下午4时
      • Enquiry / 询问

        * This Mandarin conducted programme is cater for elderly who are 60 years and above, physically abled and not diagnosed with dementia.
        * 这个华文课程是提供给60 岁及以上的乐龄人士参加。参与者必须能行动自如及未患有失智症。


[ Hair For Hope ]  

Date: 29 April 2018 (Sun)
Time: 9.30am to 1.30pm (last registration at 11am)
Venue: Hall of No Form
Online registration at–7
Walk in registration: Before 11am on 29 April

Enquiry: 6849 5300 / / Poster

• The minimum participation age is 7 years old (as of 2018).
• Shavees above 7 and below the age of 18 (as of 2018) will have to submit the Parental Consent Form before he/she is allowed to shave at the event.
For EXISTING Shavees:
– Due to a change in web hosting, all encrypted passwords have been reset for security purposes.
Please click on ‘Forgot Password’ to create a new password to continue your registration. Otherwise, please create a new account.

[ 散发希望2018 ]

日期:2018年4月29日 (星期日)

询问:6849 5300 / / 海报

• 最低参与年龄为7岁(截至2018年)。
• 7岁以上和18岁以下(截至2018年)的参与者必须在活动前呈交家长同意书方可参与。
– 因更换网络托管服务,所有加密密码已重启。请点击 ‘’Forgot Password’已更换新密码报名或设立新户口。

BloodDonation Web banner
Blood Donation Drive(捐血活动) ]  

Date / 日期: 2 June 2018 (Sat) | 2018年6月2日 (星期六)
Time / 时间: 9:00am – 3:00pm | 上午 9 时 至 下午 3 时
Venue / 地点: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall, Level 1 (Ju Yuan Fang)  |  光明山普觉禅寺,宏船老和尚纪念堂,一楼 (聚缘坊)

* Registration methods to be a blood donor 如有意捐血者,请用任何以下方式报名:

  • Walk-in to register, 9am – 2pm on the event day 在当天上午9时至下午2时,现场报名
  • Poster 海报


Please bring along your original NRIC/drivers licence/passport/student pass (Singaporeans & PRs), EP card / Work Permit (Non-Singaporeans) for registration.
Donors aged 16 & 17 (based on date of birth), please bring along signed Bloodbank parental consent form
Please visit and or call Singapore Red Cross at 6220 0183 to check eligibility, overseas travel criteria and more details.
Questions? Visit for more info!
* 请记得携带您的居民证或捐血卡以方便登记。非新加坡公民,则请携带您的护照或工作准正。 凡年龄十六至十七岁的捐献者,必须附上家长或监护人同意书方可捐血(。预知更多详情请上网 或拨打 6220 0183
请上网 谢谢!🙂