Shui Lu Grand Prayer 水陆法会

Significane of Shui Lu

The Grand Prayer that Blesses and Benefits All Sentient Beings is one of the grandest and most supreme of Chinese Buddhist prayers. This grand prayer liberates sentient beings from suffering through the extensive merit generated by making offerings of Dharma and food, so that all beings can attain happiness and enter the path of Buddhahood.

Participating in this grand prayer generates inconceivable merit for both the living and deceased. As one is making offerings to the Triple Gem of the ten directions and to tens of thousands of sentient beings within the six realms, the merit arising from this benefit not only oneself, but also one’s immediate and extended family.

This grand prayer takes seven days and nights to complete, and involves approximately 100 Venerables. 11 different prayer texts are recited in the various Inner and Outer Shrines.




Upcoming Schedule: 09 -16 Dec 2018
水陆法会(暂定) : 09 -16 Dec 2018 


水陆法会登记:  01/09/2018 

Registration & Enquiry (报名处): Front Office | 寺务处  
9am – 4pm | 6849 5333 / 6849 5300


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