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COVID-19 Advisory

— Phase 2 : Safe Transition —

29 June 2020
(* Please read through the Advisory prior to booking your time slot.)

With the commencement of Phase 2 (Safe Transition) and the health and safety of our devotees as our top priority, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery will implement a gradual resumption of activities from 1 July 2020 (Wed).

1. Hall of Great Compassion, Hall of Great Strength, Hall of Universal Brightness, Hall of No Form as well as Hall of Amrita Precepts will be open from 9am to 3pm daily for private praying.

2. Columbarium (Pu An Columbarium and Pu Tong Columbarium) as well as ancestral tablet halls (Ancestral Hall and Hall of Pureland) will be open from 8am to 4pm. Public who wish to burn joss offerings are advised to head to the burner in front of the Crematorium.

3. For private chanting services or ancestral tablet related matters, please contact Front Office at 6849 5333 directly.

4. Classes and activities remain suspended. Resumption of classes and activities will be announced in due course.

5. Dining Hall and food services will remain close.

6. All visitors are required to book a timeslot via the online booking system ( on a first come, first served basis. All entry to the monastery is strictly by appointment and documentation proof is required at point of entry.

7. Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times and enter via BCS Gate (located along Bright Hill Road) for temperature screening and register their entry/exit via the SafeEntry visitor management system for contact tracing.

8. Each group is capped at a maximum of 5 pax. Visitors are reminded to keep their visit within 45 minutes (according to the booking timeslot) and to adhere to the contact tracing and safe distancing measures the monastery has put in place.

9. Visitors are reminded to avoid visiting the monastery if they are not feeling well.

Visitors’ Booking System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to cancel my booking?

A: For cancellation of booking, please follow these steps below:

a) Login your account via the Visitors’ Booking System (

b) A summary of your booking will be shown

c) Click on “Cancel Booking”

d) “Confirm Booking Cancellation” will show

e) Click on “Confirm Cancellation” to cancel booking

Q: How to amend my booking?

A: Any amendments, such as increasing the number of people, date, time, etc, to the booking will require the account user to login, cancel the booking and remake the booking. Please note that there is no guarantee that the slot will still remain available in the event you wish to cancel and remake the booking.

Q: I cannot find the new account registration.

A: If you are using a mobile phone, please scroll to the right for “New User Login”. After registration, an activation email will be sent to the registered email address. Please check the Inbox or Spam/Junk folder for the activation email to activate the account.

Q: How long in advance can I make the booking?

A: Booking slots are available for booking from 12 midnight, 3 weeks in advanced.

Q: Which location should I choose?

A: Currently, there is no movement restriction within the monastery.

If you would like to pay respect to Buddhas or Bodhisattva, please choose the Prayer Halls.

If you would like to pay respect to ancestors or departed loved one, please choose the Columbarium or Ancestral Hall / Hall of Pureland.

If you would like to make registrations or payment, please choose the Front Office.


— 第2阶段:安全过渡 —





三、有关如各别诵经服务及祖先牌位相关事项,请致电寺务处 6849 5333。



六、访客须提前至本寺网站 ( 以先到先得的方式预约到访时段。所有访客都必须经过预约,并在进入寺院时提供相关的文件证明。





问:如何取消预约 ?

a) 通过线上访客预约系统(登录您的帐号。

b) 您的预约信息将会在系统中显示。

c) 点击“Cancel Booking”以取消预约。

d) 点击后,系统将显示“Confirm Booking Cancellation”。

e) 点击“Confirm Cancellation”,确认取消预约。

问:如何更改预约 ?



答:手机用户请向右划动,您将看到新用户注册(“New User Login”)的选项。注册完毕之后,启动帐号电邮将会发送至您注册的电邮地址。请至您的收件箱或垃圾邮件匣中查看您的邮件。




答:目前您的到访将不受地方的限制,您可以选择任何一个地点。 如是礼拜佛菩萨,请选择殿堂。



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