Visitors’ Booking System

* When you make your booking, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Visitors’ Booking Terms and Conditions.

* 当您预约到访时段,表示您已阅读、理解并接受相关条例.

*With effect from 2 December, the current measures will be adjusted to the following:

Mondays to Wednesdays

 Booking is required, strictly no walk-in
 Maximum group size of 2 pax
Open to all, including those who are not fully vaccinated

Thursdays to Sundays and Public Holidays

Booking is required, strictly no walk-in
Maximum group size of 5 pax
Only for those who are fully vaccinated *

* Individuals are considered fully vaccinated if they meet one of the following criteria:

    Two weeks after receiving the 2nd dose of Pfizer, Moderna or WHO’s Emergency Use Listing vaccines such as Sinovac, Sinopharm and AstraZeneca.

    Have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 270 days.

     Have a valid negative pre-event test (PET) result taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the activity.

* Unvaccinated children aged 12 years and below from the same household may be included within the group.
* Documentary proof for verification will be required to enter and remain within the premises.

* Please bring your original Government-issued photo identification document e.g. NRIC, employment pass, passport, etc for identity verification purposes






仅开放给已完成疫苗注射的访客 *

* 符合下列其中一项标准者将视为已完成疫苗注射:




* 来自同一个住户但未注射疫苗的12岁以下孩童也可透过预约前往寺院
* 所有访客必须在进入寺院时提供相关的文件证

* 请携带政府所认证、拥有照片与名字的证件,如:身份证、工作证与护照等等,以作为身份验证


COVID-19 Advisory

  1. All visitors are required to book a timeslot at least one day in advance via the online booking system ( on a first come, first served basis. All entry to the monastery is strictly by appointment and documentation proof is required at point of entry.
  2. All entry to the monastery is via BCS Gate (located along Bright Hill Road).
  3. SafeEntry strictly via TraceTogether app or token.
  4. Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times and adhere to safe distancing measures.
  5. Please avoid visiting the monastery if you are feeling unwell, have been recently exposed to COVID-19 cases (you can check via your SafeEntry or TraceTogether app), or were contacted by Ministry Of Health / contact tracing personnel.
  6. Opening hours :
    i. Prayer Halls: 8am to 3pm daily
    ii. Columbarium and ancestral tablet halls: 8am to 4pm daily
  7. Please refer to our website or official Facebook page for the latest news and announcements.

Visitors’ Booking System
Booking slots will be available for booking from 9pm, one week in advance.
• Booking slots are from 8am to 3pm daily in one-hour intervals.
• Visitors are advised to keep to their allocated timing and keep their visit within 45 minutes.

Other services
• For private chanting services or ancestral tablet related matters, please contact Front Office at 6849 5333 directly.
• For cremation related services such as urn entry, ash picking, niche and custodial services (restricted to first and final 7th day prayer), please contact the Crematorium Office at 6849 5343 directly.
• For other queries, please contact our Reception Office at 6849 5300.


1. 访客须至少提前一天至本寺网站 ( 以先到先得的方式预约到访时段。所有访客都必须经过预约,并在进入寺院时提供相关的文件证明。
2. 所有访客需使用新加坡佛学院入口(位于光明山路)进入本寺。
3. 请使用“合力追踪”应用程序或防疫器进行安全登入。
4. 访客必须全程佩戴口罩,并遵守本寺所采取的安全距离措施。
5. 若感到身体不适、近期曾接触冠状病毒确诊病例(请通过 SafeEntry或合力追踪应用程序进行检查)或曾接获卫生部及接触者追踪员联系的访客,请勿前往寺院。
6. 开放时间 
i. 殿堂:每日上午8时至下午3时
7. 请关注我们的网站或Facebook以获知最新的消息与公告。

• 可预约时段为上午8时至下午3时,预约时长为一小时。
• 访客需遵从预约的时段,不逗留超过45分钟。

• 各别诵经及祖先牌位相关服务,请直接致电寺务处 6849 5333。
• 有关火化服务,如骨灰安置、拣骨灰、骨灰位及寄灵服务(仅限头七与尾七祭拜),请直接致电火化场办事处 6849 5343。
• 其他疑问,请致电接待处 6849 5300。

Visitors' Online Booking 线上访客预约

Due to overwhelming response of the visitors’ booking system, you may experience intermittent connectivity issues. Please try again later.

Visitors’ Booking System FAQs

Q:  I cannot find the new account registration / I do not have an account.
A:  On the Login page, please click on “Create an account” located at the end of the Login section.

After registration, an activation email will be sent to email you have registered with us. Please click on the link in the email to activate your account. Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you did not receive the activation email after registration.

Q: I did not receive the activation email / My email has not been activated.
On the Login page, please complete the “Email” and “Password” field and click on “Login”. You will see an error message “Your account has not been activated”. Click on the “Resend Activation Email” link below the error message. Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you did not receive the activation email after clicking on the link.

Q: How to amend my booking?
A: Any amendments, such as increasing the number of people, date, time, etc, to the booking will require the account user to login, cancel the booking and rebook the new timeslot. Please note that there is no guarantee that the slot will still remain available in the event you wish to cancel and rebook.

Q: How to cancel my booking?
A: For cancellation of booking, please follow these steps below:
1. Login to your account via the Visitors’ Booking System (
2. A summary of your booking will be shown. Select the slot you wish to cancel.
3. Click on “Cancel Booking”
4. Check details on “Confirm Booking Cancellation” page to confirm the time and date you wish to cancel.
5. Click on “Confirm Cancellation” to cancel booking

Q: I am unable to book a slot because all slots are full. Can you open up more slots?
A: We understand your frustrations as the booking slots are taken up fast due to the overwhelming demand of visitors to the monastery. However, we are unable to increase the number of booking slots as we have to adhere strictly to the government’s guidelines. We seek your understanding and cooperation to plan your visit in advance.

问:我找不到新用户注册选项 / 我没有账号。
请在登入页面点击页面下方的注册账号.(Create an account)


问:我没有收到启动账号电邮 / 我的账号尚未启动。
答:请在登入页面填写您的电邮与密码并点击登入。您将看到一则“您的账号尚未启动”的错误讯息。点击讯息下面的 “重新发送启动账号电邮”。如果您在点击以后未收到启动账号电邮,请至您的垃圾邮件匣中查看您的邮件。

问:如何更改预约 ?

问:如何取消预约 ?
a) 至线上访客预约系统(登录您的帐号。
b) 您的预约信息将在系统中显示,请选择您要取消的预约时段。
c) 点击取消预约(Cancel Booking)。
d) 重新确认您要取消预约的日期与时段。
e) 点击取消确认(Confirm Cancellation)以取消您的预约。