Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation 舒心正念静坐班

Is the hectic pace of everyday life leaving you overwhelmed? Take a moment to relax and practise a meditation technique.

Take a moment to relax and practise a meditation technique.

Join Venerable Kwang Sheng as he shares how meditation and Buddhist teachings can help us to re-energise ourselves and to re-focus our mind, bringing about a sense of peace and well-being.

Venerable Kwang Sheng was ordained under Venerable Hong Choon in 1980. Following that, he spent a number of years studying and practising in different countries such as Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan and Korea. He spent a total of three years practising Zen meditation in Songgwangsa, Korea.




Date: 2/7/2018 – 6/8/2018 (Monday : 6 lessons)  *Dates may be subject to change
Time: 7.45 pm ~ 9.15 pm
Venue: Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | 4 Level | Hall of No Form

Course Offering: $30

日期: 7月2日 ~ 8月6日 (星期一 : 6堂课)  *日期有可能更改
时间: 晚上7时45分至9时15分
地点: 宏船老和尚纪念堂 | 4楼 | 无相殿

赞助费用: $30

Registration Methods:
Register Online
• Reception Office@KMSPKS | 9am ~ 4pm
  (Please bring along your IC for Registration)

• 莅临接待处@KMSPKS | 早上9时至下午4时

Enquiry: 6849 5300 |

Note: *Recommended for ages 12 & above only. (只限12岁以上的孩子参加。)

* Free dinner will be provided from second lesson onwards upon ordering.
   Please place an order on the first day.
* 通过预定,本寺将从第二堂课起,提供免费晚餐。


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