Vegetarian Food 斋食

Located on the second floor of Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall is the dining hall where Sangha members and devotees have their mindful meals.

斋堂 (五观堂) 设在宏船老和尚纪念堂二楼,是法师和公众用餐的地方。从素食到正念用餐,都能在这里体验!


Do You Know? 您是否知道?

  • The dining hall can accommodate a total of 116 round tables.
    Around 928 people can eat together at one time.
  • On the eve of Vesak, the dining hall operates overnight. Food and drinks are prepared for devotees participating in the Vesak activities.
  • Temple encourages mindful eating in the dining hall. Mindfulness in queuing, collecting food and consumption.
  • On occasion where there are chanting by sangha members during mealtime, one can practice observation of silence or meal contemplation together.
  • 斋堂里可容纳一百十六张圆桌。可供928人同时用餐。
  • 斋堂卫塞节前夕通宵开放,提供饮食给参与庆典的信众享用。
  • 斋堂鼓励大家练习正念用餐正念安静排队、领取自己食量的食物。
  • 有僧众在用餐之前后诵经,信众可念诵五项正念观想, 或应安静等候。

 We Offer Vegetarian 为您提供素食好滋味

Weekends/Special Days 周末/节日

Free lunch for public on the following days*:

  • Every Sunday
  • 1st and 15th day of every lunar month
  • 27th day of every lunar month (food will be served in tables of 8 to 10 persons on this day)

*Subject to changes


  •  每逢星期日
  •  每逢农历初一和十五日
  •  每逢农历每月廿七



Seasonal 季节

Chinese New Year Period
Vegetarian Steamboat and Yusheng available at lunch time from 18 Jan – 8 Feb 2020 

Qing Ming, Dumplings Festival and Ulambana.
Traditional dumplings handmade by monastery and its volunteers.

Mid autumn festival
Vegetarian Moon Cake of various popular favours available.

吉祥素食火锅和如意素食愉生 预定热线:6849 5333 与寺务处询问 清明,端午节和盂兰盆节
请至斋堂购买由寺院和义工制作的传统素粽。 中秋节 传统佳节本寺斋堂均有中秋普觉素月饼售卖。


Kitchen Highlight 斋堂推荐

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