Qing Ming 清明节

Qing Ming is a traditional festival for the Chinese to remember and honour their ancestors by visiting their columbarium, graves or burial grounds.

As Buddhists, we can spend Qing Ming recollecting the kindness of our forefathers and honouring them by remembering how they had lived a worthy life. In addition, we can also emulate qualities of the noble ones who have come before us by observing their teachings.



Qing Ming Prayer Ceremony | Apr 5

The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance Sutra
Registration begins 10/02/2019

For enquiry, please call 询问 6849 5333
Or Visit Our Front Office | from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm daily

清明节超度法会 | 2019 年4月5日

10/02/2019 开始登记牌位  
莅临寺务处 | 每日早上八点半至下午四点半

Prayer Tables Location 超度法会荐牌位置图
( Note: Our staff may check the tablet number on your application form to prevent unsolicited collection of offerings.)
为避免供品不当的被人领取, 本寺工作人员将会查看您报名表格的荐牌号码.)

Wheelchair counter is available during Qing Ming period at VHCMH, Ju Yuan Fang


2019 清明节正日: 4月5日









Columbarium Opening Hours 骨灰塔开放时间

  • Weekdays 星期一至五:
    7am to 4.30pm
  • Weekends and Public Holiday
    周末及假日: 6am to 5pm
  • Actual day 5 Apr 正日: 
    6am to 9pm

! Peak timing on all days 繁忙时段:
10am to 1pm

Kitchen Recommendation 斋堂推荐

  • Vegetarian Dumplings 传统素粽 
    3月28 日起请至斋堂购买 。售完为止
  • Vegetarian Mixed Rice Available during 21.03.19 – 21.04.19 period
    Every Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun | 9am to 3 pm
    素杂菜饭 21.03.19 – 21.04.19 期间 售卖
    每星期四, 五, 六,星期日 |  上午9时至下午3时 

As we remember and honour our ancestors and deceased loved ones during Qing Ming, let us do our part for the environment too. Burn less joss papers, and use flowers, fruits and incense offerings instead. 

Find a merit-making methods that is suitable for you.


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