Spiritual Advisors 宗教导师

Venerable Dr. Chuanqing Ordained in 1996 and took higher ordination in 1999. He studied in various Buddhist colleges in China (1999-2005), Singapore (2005-2007), Sri Lanka (2007-2009) and United Kingdom (2009-2015). Venerable Chuan Qing returned to KMSPKS to join the Buddhist College of Singapore as lecturer in November 2015.


1999年于云门佛学院求学,同年9月于云门禅寺受比丘戒。1999 – 2015,法师于中国、新加坡、斯里兰卡、英国等地区的佛学院求学。 2015年底成为新加坡佛学院的教师。

Venerable Dr. Chuan Qing

School’s Spiritual Advisor, KMSPKS

Venerable Dr. Ren Xu was ordained in 2000. He is schooled in the teachings of the Mahayana and Theravada traditions. He is a certified instructor in Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) therapy, conducts Dharma and meditation classes, and regularly goes for retreats.


Venerable Dr. Ren Xu

School’s Spiritual Advisor, KMSPKS