Dear Parents/Guardian,

There is no Parent Dharma Class at the usual classroom 9 on coming Saturday, 28th July 2018.

KMS Dharma School is having Primary 6 exam blessing and graduation day event for our Primary 6 students.

The school invites all parents of Parent Dharma Class to join in this event.

                 Location:  Classroom 307

                 Time:  After the usual puja assembly at Hall of No form

                 Duration:  End 10 mins before school session closes

Venerable Ren Xu will be giving a 40 minutes Dharma talk on “How students manage stress with the support of parents”.




在这一天,通常的教室9没有家长佛学班。 在学期的最后一天,7月28日,我们邀请所有的家长、监护人参加小六会考加持会。



这次开示是一个40分钟佛法谈论题为 “学生如何在父母的支持下管理压力”。